After brain trauma, concussion, experts recommend no sports, no school for kids

nbl_concussion.jpegAccording to the International Conference on Concussion in Sports, children and teens require different treatment for concussions, head trauma and brain injuries than adults. The guidelines, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, say children and teens must be strictly monitored and activities restricted. After a concussion: no return to the field of play, no return to school and no cognitive activity – until fully healed. “These recommendations mark the first time that international experts have focused on specialized treatment for kids,” said Dr. Gerard Gioia of the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. “This conference of experts has led the way in developing protocols for adult athletes, and now international protocols take into consideration that the developing brain of the child and adolescent requires special consideration.” In light of the care required by children with concussions, brain trauma and head injury, it is recommended:

  • No child or adolescent athlete should ever return to play on the same day of an injury, regardless of level of athletic performance.
  • Children and adolescents may need a longer period of full rest and then gradual return to normal activities than adults.
  • For children, “cognitive rest” is a key to recovery. While restrictions on physical activity restrictions are also important, cognitive rest must be carefully adhered to, including limits on cognitive stressors such as academic activities and at-home/social activities including text messaging, video games and television watching.

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