ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. Workers Comp client wins Social Security benefits at 2nd level with NO ALJ Hearing needed !

Workers Compensation and Social Security Legal Assistant Dianna Meredith of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., received a call of thanks today from a Workers Compensation client whose Virginia comp claim had been successfully settled for a lump sum of $150,000 almost a year ago.

This West Virginia man was pleased to report that his Social Security Disability Income claim (“SSDI”) had been APPROVED without having to go to before a Federal Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”).  While our 48-year-old client was rejected when he originally applied for his Social Security assistance, once Dianna filed his paperwork, we expected another denial and then success at a full evidentiary hearing before the ALJ a year or more later.  These Federal disability cases usually take years.

This Powerhouse Mechanic First Class was injured in 2005 when his left leg was run over by a forklift and he was also thrown to the ground, injuring his back.  During his state workers comp claim, he was under the protection of an AWARD which provided partial wage loss and other benefits.  Our disabled client was a lifelong construction and power plant worker.  He had only a 10th grade education, no G.E.D., no military or union training, so we were able to present evidence that demonstrated disability for vocational and medical reasons.  Many ABRAMS LANDAU clients have several files and several successful cases.  In long-term and permanent injury cases, it is not unusual for our Herndon Reston area injury and disability law firm to win cases in different places for different kinds of benefits, for our clients and their families.

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