ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. meets up with members of Injury Board and joins forces with these lawyers from around the country

you understand the life process of an accident and discover practical steps to get you the help you need to move forward with your life. Topics currently covered by the “Help Centers” include:

On the Road
Automobile Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Tractor-Trailer Accidents
Mass Transit (Airline, Cruise
Ship, Train, Bus)
Major Medical
Medical Malpractice
Head & Brain Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
Wrongful Death
Medical Devices & Implants
FDA & Prescription Drugs

Protecting Your Family
Defective & Dangerous Products
Nursing Home & Elder Abuse
Toxic Substances
Property Owner’s Liability (Slip-and-Fall)
In the Workplace
Workplace Injuries
Workplace Discrimination

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