Abrams Landau Conducts Mock Trial

all of the “actors” are ready to play their parts.  In this most recent case, Doug himself played the treating physician, bringing with him exhibits and props to explain the plaintiff’s injuries.

Being an observer in the courthouse that day was even better than watching an episode of Law and Order on TV!  After a couple hours of opening arguments, questioning of witnesses, and closing arguments, the judge instructed the jury as to its responsibilities.

The jury was given lunch and sent into deliberations.

In the days following the mock trial, Doug and his team debriefed by discussing what worked and what did not work.  They considered questions such as:  Which arguments effectively swayed the members of the jury – in either direction?  Which arguments fell flat and had little impact?  How sympathetic was the jury to the plaintiff vs. the defendant?  How believable was the evidence presented?  Were there any areas for which the jurors could have used more information?  Were there any witnesses that may have been helpful (or harmful) to the case?

So, is it worth all the time and expense of prepping and putting on a mock trial?  “Absolutely,” says lawyer Landau.  “By conducting a mock trial, I am able to see – as an observer vs. as the lawyer – the pluses and minuses of a case.  Because the verdict returned by a mock jury is typically spot on to what a real jury ultimately says, I get a strong sense of how a case will play out.  Using what we learn in the mock trial, we are better prepared for the real thing.”

Landau invites clients and prospective clients to attend his mock trials so they too can get a feel for how a trial works.

If you or someone you know has been injured and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703)796-9555.


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