The Workers’ Compensation Act (§ 65.2-603) provides that, if medically necessary, the employer may be required to furnish durable medical equipment and modification of the employee’s home for handicap accessibility up to $25,000.

A former employee of DRS-DDS (the Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Department of Disability Services) sustained an injury to her lumbar spine. This injury to her back caused her to lose the use of her legs. Doug Landau won her case in Court and she has been receiving disability checks. She was finally provided pull bars for the bathrooms in her home, a lift chair, a power wheelchair, portable ramps for handicap accessibility to her home and vehicle and there is a pending Order from the Commission for a hydraulic wheelchair lift for her SUV after a decade of litigation in her comp claim. The letter to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission indicating the benefits Mr. Landau won for this client most recently is attached.

In another case being handled by the Herndon Reston area injury firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., the Workers Compensaion Insurance Company paid for home modifications for a young man residing with his mother in Orange County, VA. This client had sustained a traumatic brain injury and multiple broken bones as the result of a fall from a bridge construction project in Fauquier County. As the result of Doug Landau and Dianna Meredith’s unremitting efforts over the last 14 years, the insurance company paid a contractor to widen the doorways, install an entrance ramp, shower chair, handrails for the shower and commode, handicap commode, and a handicap accessible shower stall.

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