“A pothole ate my car” screams today’s Washington, DC headline – and ABRAMS LANDAU has actually won such a case !

snow.  The Examiner article by Alan Suderman notes that, “The near constant “freeze-thaw” cycle in recent days has been pure poison for smooth roads. Moisture from melted snow and ice during the day seeps into asphalt to freeze at night, leading to cracks in roads that can become potholes big enough to bend rims and jar suspensions.

“Just when you thought the results of this blizzard were over, you’ve got a really nasty surprise,” said Lon Anderson, spokesman for the AAA Mid-Atlantic auto club. “Mother Nature has carefully planned a bumper crop of potholes for us.”

No jurisdiction is immune. Jaw-dropping pot holes have been spotted throughout the area, with some stretches looking like neglected roadways in Third World countries.

On the side of University Boulevard near Dennis Avenue in Silver Spring, where the potholes are so bad that they are forcing drivers to come to near stops, sits a makeshift graveyard for hubcaps that have popped off the vehicles that didn’t slow down in time.

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