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When you are injured at the Airport

What should I do if I’m injured at the airport?

Seek assistance immediately from an airport employee. Emergency medical care is available at most airports, whether it’s first aid, an on-site infirmary, or skilled EMS transport to the nearest hospital. Make sure to also consult airport security or law enforcement to obtain official documentation of the accident.

Attaining clear evidence of the injury is important. If feasible, document the incident yourself using a mobile phone camera or pen and paper. Ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident for their contact information. The more information you gather, the better!

For additional insight on airport accidents and airline accidents, see this blog post from Doug Landau.

When you are on the Airplane

Less common are personal injuries that occur while on an aircraft, but airline accidents do happen, sometimes because of the negligence of the airline and/or its employees. Unsecured food and beverage carts, shifting baggage, faulty seat belts, and other scenarios have caused a variety of injuries to passengers.

Read about this case from Doug Landau’s blog where passengers were injured while on the aircraft and during an emergency evacuation.

What should I do if I’m injured while on the airplane?

  • If you experience an accident while on the aircraft, inform a flight attendant immediately to request assistance.
  • If possible, document the unsafe situation using a mobile phone camera.
  • Ask fellow passengers who witnessed the accident for their contact information.