Hit and Run Accidents in the Sky?

What happens when a passenger is injured due to a runaway beverage or food cart?

Airlines use food and beverage carts in order to provide passengers snacks while traveling in air, and are often dispatched when the flight is steady. Unforeseen circumstances can have the flight pivot up or down suddenly, and can cause serious injury to attendants and passengers if these carts are rolling free down the aisles.

These heavy metal storage units on wheels can cause serious injury if they are led to roll free down an airplane aisle. Large international jets, on transatlantic or transpacific flights, will often have several beverage or meal services. These amenities very often allow the airline to make additional money selling food and drinks to the flight passengers. However, if the aircraft suddenly moves, and a flight attendant takes their hands and eyes off of a cart with the brakes not being properly secured, a rolling cart weigh 40-100+ pounds can break bones and cause devastating injury.

In such instances, the airline would likely be found responsible for the harms and losses. If the accident occurred during an international flight, then the Montreal Convention Rules would likely apply. We have previously written about this International Air Treaty, but the long and short of it is that an American passenger would have to bring their case in Federal Court if they could not settle with the airline and insurance company beforehand.

The ABRAMS LANDAU Air Injury team is working on several in-flight beverage cart injury cases presently. We have helped injured flight attendants who have been impacted by these heavy storage units on wheels. The remedy for members of the flight crew is generally solely limited to the Worker’s Compensation benefits. However, passengers may also be entitled to Worker’s Compensation if they were on the job when they were injured by the runaway drink cart, as well as have a personal injury case against the domestic or international airline.

If you, or someone you know, have been permanently injured by a drink or food cart onboard an aircraft or has any questions, please contact us at frontdesk@landaulawshop.com or call (703) 796-9555.