Heavier Falling Luggage Causing Permanent Injuries to Airline Workers

Attorney Doug Landau has seen an increase in permanent injury claims by flight attendants as passenger carry-on luggages get heavier and more unwieldy. The injuries range from torn muscles and herniated cervical discs to torn rotator cuffs and other permanent shoulder and neck injuries. As charges for excess luggage become more frequent and more expensive, airport travelers have been cramming every single possible item they can into their carry-on bags. With no weight limit for carry-on luggage and a strict cut off for checked baggage for non-military travelers, this trend will only increase.

airport luggage baggage AOA
Airport workers loading an airplane with passengers’ baggage

Lawyer Landau has also seen an increase in injuries from bags shifting during flight, falling and causing injury. Flight attendants are at increased risk of injury when helping elderly or infirm passengers lift and place heavy, dense baggage into the overhead bins.

Luggage can also fall off of the baggage tugs and out of the belly of the aircraft, causing injury to the airline workers whose job it is to fill the jets with fuel. The loud noise from the nearby jet engines often make it difficult for workers who are trying to fill the luggage compartments under large aircrafts to hear any heavy bags falling. They are unaware of the danger until it’s too late at no fault of their own. Furthermore, many wear protective ear and hearing coverings, making it that much harder for them to hear anything fall.

When these injuries do occur, it is important to immediately get medical assistance, rather than causing a worsening of the condition by continuing to push, pull and lift heavy bags for the rest of your shift. If you or someone you know has been injured due to no fault of your own, even if it was traveling or working at an airport or airplane, please email or call us at Abrams Landau, Ltd. (703-796-9555).