Small Plane Crash at Virginia International Raceway

Late on a Friday in September, a small plane crashed in a green field on the Patriot Course of the Virginia International Raceway (VIR).  Both pilot and passenger were killed when the single-engine World War II T-28-C crashed for reasons yet unknown. The irony of such a crash happening at a motorsport track was not lost on airplane crash attorney Doug Landau.

VIR Owner and CEO Connie Nyholm was quoted in an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch saying, “Motorsport is a dangerous sport.  We are fully prepared to deal with it.  We have never experienced something like this.”

The juxtaposition of two dangerous pastimes — flying a WWII-era small plane and motorsport racing — certainly had an unhappy ending in this incident.  VIR emergency crews, accustomed to serious crashes on the racetrack, had no chance of helping the victims of this accident whose aircraft was almost completely broken up by the impact of the crash.

“Having experienced up close vintage aircraft ‘in action,’ I can admire the skill of the pilots who fly these craft,” notes Dulles area injury lawyer Doug Landau of the Herndon law shop.  “The investigation of this fatal crash may help prevent future air aviation tragedies involving older model military aircraft.”

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