Airline Workers and Travelers Needing Birth Certificates: Good News in Virginia

With heightened security requirements of air travel, airline and airport employees — not to mention travelers — often must produce a copy of their birth certificate when applying for job, seeking access to “sterile areas,” or travel clearance.  “While hanging on the “monkey bars” on the Dulles Airport midfield people mover busses is fun*; waiting in long TSA lines is not !” Notes Herndon Virginia accident and injury lawyer Doug Landau.  “Making it easier to get a copy of one’s birth certificate is a positive development easing travel for airline passengers and US Air travelers.” lawyer Landau adds.

Getting a copy of your birth certificate just got a little easier in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Virginia birth certificates are now available at all Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations throughout the state, including mobile DMV centers.  Simply by completing an application and paying a fee ($14), those born in Virginia can walk out of a DMV center with their document in their hands!

And, starting the first of 2015, you will also be able to obtain copies of death, marriage, and divorce records at your local DMV center.

*Lawyer Landau, of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., uses these bars to stretch after long cross country, “red-eye” and crowded flights.  When subject to long layovers, small airplane seats &/or  multiple connection flights, the airport accident lawyer and top area age-group athlete finds that using the time to stretch, rest and re-hydrate enables him to remain competitive in his fifth decade despite a challenging trial and triathlon schedule.