What happens if I am injured by an airport vehicle in the terminal ?

Not all vehicles that travel around the airport were meant for the roads and highways
Not all vehicles that travel around the airport terminals were meant for the roads and highways

“If I am struck by one of those beeping electric vehicles carrying disabled passengers through an airport, or clipped by a maintenance Cushman or even hit by a security Segway, do I have a case?”

While an injured traveler at one of our international airports may have a case for negligence if the vehicle driver was operating the electric or other conveyance unsafely, one of the questions to consider is whether or not there is insurance coverage for all of the harms and losses.

In order to ascertain whether or not there is insurance coverage, lawyers like Doug Landau of the Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd., reads the insurance policy. One of the interesting aspects of these cases is that your own motor vehicle liability insurance policy may not apply. That is because most motor vehicle insurance policies advertised on television and radio only cover accidents involving vehicles made for the paved highways and byways. This would seem to exclude electric bicycles, Segways, human powered conveyances, indoor security vehicles, forklifts, ATVs.

There should be insurance coverage if the vehicle was being operated by an airport employee for the airline or if the vehicle was owned and/or operated and/or maintained by one of the airlines. But in instances where the airlines or airport’s coverage is inapplicable, it is important to coordinate all sources of coverage. In order to protect yourself or your loved ones, contacting an experienced accident lawyer right away can prevent the loss of coverages or legal rights.