Silver Line Playbook – Dulles Airport FINALLY gets Train Service

projects in the country and is expected to cost nearly $6 billion when finished. Phase I of the project is nearly complete, and Phase 2 is under construction. According to Virginia Business, the entire project is expected to be wrapped up and running by the end of the decade.

Washington Dulles International Airport, on the border of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, is a key hub for airports throughout Virginia, with connections all over the world. The Silver Line is also expected to be an economic boon for Northern Virginia’s Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. Its evolution from a little used airport to major international hub and regional employer has been impressive. With the increase in aircraft and passenger volume comes the need to consider airport security and safety. Will the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (“MWAA”) be ready for regular train service ? Will train service mean easier access for motorists ? Less reliance on the taxi service, less traffic on I-66 and the Dulles Toll Road (with a reduction in pollution) are all good things in my book. There may be a silver lining in the Silver Line’s completion to Dulles Airport, connecting the Nation’s Capitol with a major international hub for air travelers.