Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Removing Body Scanners

Airline travel safety is paramount, and while airport travelers dislike long lines at TSA inspection areas, there have been no hijackings – or resulting deaths – on American airlines since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  This begs the question: is the hassle of enhanced security measures a reasonable price to pay for safety?

Herndon airport injury lawyer Doug Landau thinks it is.

Doug and his firm, ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., represented several families of airline employees whose lives were taken on 9/11.  It is not surprising, then, that the firm is especially sensitive to the issues surrounding airport security measures.  Last month, TSA announced it would be removing full-body x-ray scanners from certain airports and replacing them with machines that emit less radiation and produce cartoon-like outlines as opposed to the “naked images” that passengers and privacy advocacy groups decried.  TSA says the switch is also being made to relieve long lines.

But should decisions about air travel safety measures be influenced by citizens’ demands for shorter lines?  What do you think?

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