Free Injury Screenings at Potomac River Running

Our friends at Potomac River Running are hosting free injury screening clinics on a drop-in basis on scheduled Saturdays from 12-2pm.

Through this wonderful community service, athletes can spend time with a medical professional to discuss any problems or questions relevant to runners, road racers and walkers.  The clinics are designed to help athletes determine if something bothering them requires a full medical workup, or maybe just a break from exertion.

“What a great idea ,” says Herndon athletes lawyer Doug Landau.  “How many times have we all experienced a little twinge of something and we are not sure if we should push through it or take it easy?  Should we schedule an appointment with the doctor, should we visit the chiropractor, do we need an x-ray?  Sometimes it would be helpful to just run something by a professional.  This is yet another example of Potomac River reaching out to help our local community of recreational runners, walkers and competitive racers.  Thank you Potomac River!”

You can find the schedule for the clinics, along with brief bios of the medical professionals, on the Potomac River website.


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