"A Dolphin's Tale" – See It

attending the Injury Board meeting in Florida, I had the opportunity to tour the Clearwater Marine Aquarium participate in a fundraising running event and actually hold one of the prototype fins fashioned for this remarkable marine mammal by the Veterans Administration doctor (portrayed by actor Morgan Freeman). The movie also features Harry Connick, Jr., Chris Christofferson, Ashley Judd and others, but the reals stars are the 11-year-old kids and the dolphin.

The bottom line – “DOLPHIN TALE” is a terrific family film inspired by the amazing true story of “Winter,” a young dolphin who loses her tail after being caught up in rope and washed up on to the beach, and Sawyer, an 11-year old boy who fortuitously befriends this intelligent animal and sets about to save his new friend. The real “Winter” resides, with other rescued marine animals, at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. I recommend touring the saline sanctuary if you are ever in that part of Florida. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is not some fancy “SeaWorld type facility with shows and stars; it is a serious scientific research and rescue sanctuary with animals harmed by pollution and other unsafe man-made hazards.

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