Paying for taking a man's ability to jog

of these life activities. Just because there is no number or dollar value assigned to a particular item of damages does not mean it cannot be claimed. Landau had the life expectancy table and testimony from the injured worker’s own doctor to show that what the Defendants took from his client would last decades. The case settled the day before trial for six figures despite difficult liability issues. To those ill-advised lawyers who believe that there is some formula to calculating damages (i.e., “Three times the medical bills, plus lost wages, divided by Pi….”), this case is another illustration of why that philosophy does not work. If a lawyer tells you that there is a formula, don’t walk out of his or her office. RUN ! It means they do not value the daily activities that have been impacted by a car crash, or the recreational time you take pleasure in, or the time you spend with friends, family and fun. So once again, RUN !

So, if you or someone you know or care for has been injured as the result of a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle crash and there are questions about whether the loss of the ability to jog, run, ride a bicycle, skate, swim or take part in other recreational activities can be compensated, e-mail us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. or call 703-796-9555 at once.

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