Drunk, Negligent Drivers Kill Cyclists Abroad as well

Israeli bike safety advocate, bike and triathlon champion, and former Columbia University trackster Bonnie Eshel visits with Melissa and Doug Landau in Tel Aviv after the Maccabiah Triathlon
Israeli bicycle safety advocate, bike and triathlon champion, (and former Columbia University trackster) Bonnie Eshel visits with Melissa and Doug Landau in Tel Aviv to celebrate their awards after the Maccabiah Games Triathlon

Having ridden city streets as well as on major open roads in “the Holy Land,” Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau noted with interest remarks by his friend, triathlon and Israeli bicycling champion Bonnie Eshel. In an article titled “Israel Becomes a Nation of Pedalers (Cycling Freaks)”

The author observed, “You can lose your life cycling on the roads in Israel. Almost once a month, a cyclist gets killed by a car by a drunk or negligent driver. Despite the risks, the sport is catching on like wildfire.” Bonnie Eshel, president of the Israel Cycling Federation says biking in Israel today is super-dangerous. As she told the Haaretz newspaper, There are drivers who are drunk, on drugs and who make unsafe decisions behind the wheel. “We live today facing the threat of death every time we decide to hit the road on a bike. Practically every day there are accidents, and the fact that we don’t have a higher number of fatalities is more a matter of luck.” So it is not just unsafe American drivers causing harm and injury to bicycle riders in the United States, but reckless motorists in the Middle East as well. As bike riding in creases in popularity, the education of car, truck and other motor vehicle operators will become increasingly important if we are to peacefully “share the road” and avoid crashes, injuries and death.

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