Dog Bite Lawyer Doug Landau contacted by little leaguer scarred by dog bite in Reston, Virginia

A dog bite injury is a serious injury, which can be disfiguring and cause serious emotional as well as physical injury. Sometimes the scarring can be repaired by skilled plastic surgeons, but the psychological impact can be devastating to a child. The Fairfax Bar Association’s official Lawyer Referral Service sought our help today on behalf of a little league baseball player who was attacked and bitten on the face by a Pit Bull. The small boy did nothing to provoke the animal’s attack, and the strength and speed of the animal was too much for its owner. The animal had the child’s face in its maw, and there were injuries to the inside of his mouth and a scar from his nose to his lip.

The Fairfax County Police investigated the incident. The law enforcement authorities charged the dog owners with not having the dog licensed. Of greater concern to the child’s mother, the dog was found not to be current on its rabies shots. As is often the case, the dog owners deny responsibility, and now claim that the dog may have accidently “bumped” the child’s chin, splitting his lip. There may also be problems with insurance coverage for this attack. Stay tuned.
If you have sustained a dog bite injury or attack by a dangerous animal, please call the law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., at 703-796-9555 or e-mail us at once, as these cases do not get better over time.

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