TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau shows "service" and skill at a Court of a different kind

Doug Landau & the 2009 VTLA Tennis Tournament ChampionsThe College of William & Mary indoor tennis stadium was the site of the 2009 VTLA Tennis Tournament, sponsored by ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. Herndon Reston area injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau puts on this fund raiser each year and makes sure that everyone who participates gets a useful prize and lots of “court time.” In addition to the athletic competition, the event allows for networking and the sharing of ideas between lawyers, experts and judges from all over Virginia. Shown from left to right are: J. E. “nail that alley all day long” Wingfield, Doug “the slug” Landau, Emily “the fashion statement” Van De Ven, Gary “too tall” Blankenship, Diana “this is my first tourney” Dew and Chip “ready for the Davis Cup” Hydrick.

While the traveling trial lawyer had been a volunteer at dawn for the VTLA running race, ran in a Jamestown 5 km. thereafter, and visited a client as she took part in a horseback riding class, Landau nevertheless had the energy to play in several matches and even take a lesson ! The TriathlonTrialLawyer also showed he could hit the tennis courts as well as the law courts. He gave awards to all participants, as he has done every single year that he has sponsored this fun event. Shown here are the award winners. Doug Landau does not recommend this as a daily exercise agenda, and his graduate school Sports Medicine studies educated him as to the fact that he was going to be very sore and tired on Sunday AND Monday !

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