Adopting the Nike logo "JUST DO IT" the Landau Law Shop invites clients to come to court and see us in action

Summer Intern AHronovich at the VWC witness microphone“Just do it” That’s what the Nike ads tell us. At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we have adapted that logo to the way we prepare our cases and our clients. Go to court BEFORE my Hearing or trial ? “Just do it.” Go and visit the courthouse before my “day in court ?” Absolutely ! “Even watch other lawyers and judges trying cases similar to my own ?” Yes ! Every good sports coach knows the value of scouting trips and reviewing pre-game films. Sportscasters talk all the time about the “home field advantage.” In order to neutralize the insurance defense lawyers’ “home court advantage” the TriathlonTrialLawyer advocates clients and their families take him up on his offer of “Court tours” and trial observation.

[Shown here in front of the witness’s microphone at the Fairfax Hearing Room of the Virginia Workers Compensation Northern Virginia Regional Office is summer intern Shiri Ahronovich, currently a student at William & Mary]

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