The Nations Triathlon – Race report ("Humble pie")

Team USA Maccabiah team members (L->R) Matthew Weinberg, Doug Landau & Rob Urbach after completing the DC Nation's Triathlon, September, 2008It was a perfect day for me, as I like it hot, humid and relatively flat. After a decent swim in the Potomac River and no one successfully passing this Triathlon Trial Lawyer from the moment I got out of the water thanks to fast transitions and a 66 min bike ride (22.6 mph), I exited the chute onto the run course in under 80 minutes and had a sub-2:20 as a goal. Unfortunately, my leg muscles had other ideas, and I seized up and eventually walked for the first time in my multisport racing career. I eventually walked across the line in 2:40, my slowest Masters finish ever, and with no excuses, am humbled and more mindful that, as Ringo Starr so eloquently put it, “You know it don’t come easy.”

Sports Legal Forms founder, attorney & DC Triathlon Club officer Nicolas Jafarieh presents Rob Urbach with his Age Group 1st place Award at the Nation's Triathlon in Washington, D.C.On the bright side, there were some terrific performances. All of the Team USA Maccabiah competitors finished despite the heat and humidity. Matthew Weinberg had a great ride and looked good when we caught up in the Transition area post-race. Steve Shulman had a decent swim and bike, finishing 4th in the AG standings (in 2:24), and was seen in the “Team in Training” tent with Ironman World Champion (and TNT Coach) Dave Scott. People were overheard asking, “Who’s that with Shulman ?” Steve now has a new nickname, “Bagel Butt Shulman” as he had a bagel in his pocket as he was about to start the swim. Luckily I extracted it for him, as he could have been penalized for having an “unapproved flotation device.” Upholding the honor and the glory of the team, “Rocket Rob” Urbach finished in 2:19, winning the age group, a new watch and capping a successful summer of multisport racing. Presenting the Awards for the DC Triathlon Club was none other than our friend, attorney, and founder of SportsLegalForms, Nicolas Jafarieh ! Sports Legal Forms not only provides legal forms and assistance to the super popular (and nearly always sold out) Virginia Triathlon Series put on by SetUp Events, but also advises a number of companies in the sports and entertainment industries.

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