Landau and classmates races to uphold the honor of the Class of '78

On June 15th, several classmates and I ran the Hotchkiss School cross country course against other returning alumni in what has become “the Hotchkiss Reunion Run.” I had previously served as a volunteer and race director on the old course, and I did not know what to expect in terms of my classmates actually showing up in the early morning after our raucous 30th reunion festivities. Plus, I had done a challenging Olympic Distance Triathlon the day before and thought the faculty would like another volunteer at the finish line. I was wrong. I was immediately impressed into the service of my class, and managed to finish a distant third overall. Our class’s depth, however, carried the day, with 4 of the top 10 hailing from the Hotchkiss Class of 1978 ! My classmates came from: Texas, Hawaii, California, New York and Georgia. I doubt we will be so fortunate next time around. 2008 Hotchkiss Reunion Run, Lakeville, Connecticut

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