How does Diffuse Axonal Injury occur ?

What has happened is that rotational and other movements of the brain during trauma has resulted in injury to numerous axons in both cerebrum and brain stem. Brain injury trial attorney Doug Landau explains that this can happen as the result of a sharp, fast back-and-forth movement of the skull, or a rapid twisting of the head from an impact, or a high-velocity combination of straight and curvilinear motions of the body above the neck. This type of injury has been seen at autopsy following many days after the traumatic injury. In other words, the movement of the head during an accident causes the string-like nerve cells (axons) to stretch, tear or rupture. These specialized cells may not be able to repair or regenerate themselves. There may be swelling, inflammation or disruption of the electrical impulses that make up our “wiring.”

The brain is the “command and control center” of our “wiring system” points out brain injury lawyer Doug Landau. And when the wires are severed or damaged, the signals do not work as intended, with short, and sometimes long term consequences. If you or someone you know has been suffered a brain injury or has symptoms of a head injury, it is critical that they get proper medical attention and seek experienced legal assistance. At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we help adults and children from around the world with brain injury and head trauma cases.

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