World Cup Soccer fever hits Herndon Virginia

Sporting team jerseys, World Cup soccer fans at Herndon VIrginia's Great Harvest Bakery
Sporting team jerseys, World Cup soccer fans are easy to spot at Herndon Virginia's Great Harvest Bakery !

Having coached soccer for the Chantilly Youth Association (“CYA”) for over 10 years, Herndon lawyer Doug Landau has become a soccer fan.  While Landau only learned to play the game at the end of high school, he has played in adult leagues, coached kids and watched his own kids play for their house, NCSL, WAGS, other travel and high school teams.  Landau has represented injured soccer players and been a tournament volunteer.

Having studied sports injuries and noting the violence inherent in American football and hockey, Landau appreciates the skills, finesse and lack of permanent injury and disability in “futbol.”  With the World Cup Soccer Championship in South Africa, ABRAMS LANDAU staff wore their team colors on a “Casual Friday.”  The Fairfax County injury lawyer ran into other soccer fans at Great Harvest Bakery who were also sporting their team jerseys.  The large screen televisions from the Worldgate Club to the new Irish Pub on Eldon Street were all playing the broadcasts, to the delight of the international clientele that makes our town so special.

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