Why is the first visit with Doug Landau so LONG ?!!?

It’s not because he talks slowly.  When you first meet Herndon Reston area injury lawyer Doug Landau of the ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. law firm, you have to “listen quickly” !   Lauren_Holtzman_at_conf_room.jpegThe reason the first visit is scheduled for a long time, is because we try to learn as much as possible about our clients and their cases.  We like to give them back their original documents by making copies then and there, and we also like them to have copies of documents that are signed at the initial meeting.  We also try to generate correspondence to the Court, the opposing party, the insurance company and even the doctors at that first appointment.  We find it is best if the client has a letter that they can take to their treating doctor with the important questions spelled out and a request for medical records contained with a valid release.   It is especially important for Doug Landau to give new clients something tangible in their hands at that very first meeting that shows what we are doing and how we are trying to do it for them.  And, because injury lawyer Landau talks quickly because he is so passionate about helping his clients, it’s nice to get many of his recommendations in writing to read over again later !  Shown here is Lauren Holtzman in the ABRAMS LANAU, Ltd. conference room, where many “first meetings” take place.  We also accommodate clients by meeting in the parlor, upstairs in the attorney offices or even outside on our rocking chairs and porch !

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