Why is having different lawyers and law firms handle your accident claims a dumb idea ?

Doug Landau explains, “having one law firm handle all of your related cases saves time, effort and money. For example, the medical records prescriptions and bills are relevant to all your injury and disability cases. Once I learn a client’s medical history, I can apply that knowledge to their car crash, dog attack, product liability or slip and fall case, as well as their related on the job injury claim, and also their Federal Social Security Disability claim. We only have to pay for these records ONCE, and we can use one of these cases to help the other.” Coordination of state and Federal benefits is becoming increasingly more complex, and law firms that claim to handle injury cases are settling the motorcycle crash, dog bite or premises liability claim and then failing to properly protect the client on the workers compensation or Social Security claims.  Plus, ABRAMS LANDAU gets calls all the time from distraught injury victims who have a good lawyer, but that lawyer does not handle their related cases, and the legal time limit is about to run against them.

DSCF5314.JPGHerndon, Reston and Leesburg injury and disability lawyer Landau’s advice: “Don’t be a dummy and split up your negligence, workers comp and Social Security cases.” Keep them “under one roof” with an experienced law firm that regularly handles permanent injury, lifetime disability and fatal accident claims before the trial courts, compensation boards and Federal Social Security Administrative Law Judges.

The “dummy” ABRAMS LANDAU trial lawyer Landau is pictured with can be found in Lightfoot’s, the Loudoun County restaurant across the street from the Leesburg Court House where many of this InjuryBoard member’s airport injury, car wreck and bicyclists’ crash cases are filed

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  1. Accident claims

    Very interesting reading. I came across a question some time back when someone asked if they could have two claims ongoing at the same time. Related to seperate incidents. In this case would it be sensible to stick with the same lawyer?

    1. Doug Post author

      If your legal counsel is admitted to practice in the jurisdicitons where BOTh cases are pending, and does the type of work involved, then it would certainly save time and money to have the same law office handle both cases. You may then avoid the probloem of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, which I see all too often. Also approach your counsel to see what other savings may be achieved !

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