Who could have anticipated that a little green lizard or comedic caveman would be so dangerous?

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Car and bike crash injury lawyer Doug Landau warns: Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by a green gecko or Neanderthal.


Who can resist an adorable lizard with a Cockney accent, or a cave man and his quest to be accepted into modern-man’s world? We all laugh as the jokes in these campaigns unfold. So when the commercial ends and the insurance company name appears on the screen, we smile.

But when our laughter leads us to blind trust, then we have fallen for a clever advertising technique. The companies invent these fictional characters in the hopes that we the consumers, see the catchy ads, and put our safety and money in the hands of the gecko or cave man. Insurance companies use these false characters to lure us in, often without conferring with an attorney.

According to car crash and bike injury lawyer Doug Landau, watch out! This advertising is the result of many millions of dollars of research and testing. The gecko and cave man are designed to lull the injured victim of a car, bike or truck crash into a false sense of security. The insurance company ads are geared toward suggesting: “You CAN trust us,” “put yourselves in good hands,” “like a good neighbor” etc.

When you are injured in an accident, the insurance companies will discourage you from getting competent legal assistance. The insurance companies know that they can settle cases for much less money when the injured victim is unrepresented by counsel. Insurers have special units geared toward keeping “control” of the file and working on the unrepresented claim. Personal Injury Lawyers are now combating the national “put your trust in this funny creature” epidemic fueled by insurance companies, by means of commercials that intend to expose the true facts.

When you are in a car accident, you reach for the insurance companies card, but do you have an experienced personal injury lawyer’s number handy as well? Probably not, and the problem with that is insurance companies answer your call knowing you have just had an accident and are feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Doug Landau advises: Take a deep breath, remember that the Gecko is not real, and call an experienced injury lawyer.


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