When the store manager offers me money after I fall, doesn’t it mean they admit it’s their fault ?

No.  Not necessarily.  The manager on duty may simply be offering to pay you out of the store’s “MedPay” insurance, which pays regardless of fault.  It is usually limited in amount ($500, $1,000 or even $5,000). Premises Liability MedPay checks are not an indication of fault or negligence.  They do not prove anything, and would not normally come into evidence at trial.  They are great “P.R.” for the store, and stave off many potential lawsuits.  There are cases where the insurance company paid $50,000 in medpay benefits but denied liability (or fault) for causing the accident.  So, if you are injured in an accident, and you receive money from a medpay policy, do not be duped into believing that the insurance company has accepted full responsibility or is admitting fault for purposes of a lawsuit.  It is simply insurance coverage for medical bills, for injuries incurred on the premises, generally limited to those arising within the first year, up to the modest limit purchased by the property owner or operator.  There is usually no requirement that a landlord or owner have this coverage, nor is there a rule requiring a minimum amount.  

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