What is a “life care plan” ?

A life care plan is an organized, researched plan that estimates an injured or disabled person’s lifelong future medical needs and the associated future costs of those medical needs. At ABRAMS, LANDAU, Ltd. we generally get a grid showing all of the things our client will need from the doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, therapists, etc.  Doug Landau has seen life care plans for brain injured clients that are 20 pages and even longer !  These are much more in depth than the typical doctor’s report or therapist’s plan.
The life care plan expert looks at the injuries, types of treatment in the past and the doctors’ future recommendations.  A life care plan reduces the potential for complications by identifying treatment recommendations to ensure quality of care. Effects of aging, unrelated health problems and impairment are taken into consideration as well as support systems in place.  Support systems can include family members who are trained/untrained caregivers, and whether there are necessary medical facilities nearby.  If transportation is needed, because the client cannot drive, then that cost is also factored in to the life care plan.  Durable medical goods (wheelchairs, canes, braces, grab bars, etc.), prescriptions and non-perscription medications can also be a part of the plan, as well as regular, periodic and even infrequent medical treatment, examination and equipment replacement needs.

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