What areas are addressed in a “life care plan”?

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Doug Landau does not believe in “cookie cutter” life care plans.  The Herndon Reston area injury lawyer has hired nurse case consultants and certified life care planners for long-term disability cases for customized review, assistance and testimony.  It is a significant expense, but without this important evidence, it is often impossible to present testimony as to future needs and costs of care.

Each life care plan is individualized to the client’s medical situation and may include; home care/facility care, projected therapeutic modalities, diagnostic testing, durable medical equipment (DME) wheelchair needs, wheelchair accessories and maintenance, orthopedic equipment needs, orthotics/prosthetics, aids for independent function, home furnishings and accessories, improvements to the home, safety equipment, drug and supply needs, future medical care, transportation, architectural complications, therapy, leisure or recreational equipment, and vocational/educational plan.  At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. we know that clients with multiple orthopedic injuries, neurological losses, mental deficits and paralysis need more than just money for doctors’ visits, they need a wide range of services and products to ensure adequate protection of their health.

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