Weehoo Recall

Weehoo iGo Bicycle Pedal Trailers
Weehoo iGo Bicycle Pedal Trailers

On September 13 Weehoo announced a recall of one of its products, an attachable children’s seat for a bicycle called the “Weehoo iGo Bicycle Pedal Trailers”.  Fortunately, there have been no major injures and any owner of the product can contact the manufacture (800-538-6950 or Weehoo’s Website)for the repair piece, but please discontinue use immediately.  Also, report any injuries sustained if you have experienced a failure in the product as described in the recall report.  This decision was voluntarily made by the company after it was discovered that one of the connecting pieces could crack and break from the bicycle which could result in harm to the child.

For more information regarding this recall please consult the following article.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding injures of any kind and would like legal advice please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Herndon Law Shop or call at 703-796-9555

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