Virginia dog attacks child

Lab dogLab dogIn another case, Doug Landau went to Henrico Circuit Court for the infant (a minor under the age of 18) settlement of another dog-attack case.

Our now seven-year-old client was an invited guest at the defendant’s hoLab dogme for a Memorial Day weekend party. Within minutes of arrival, this two-year-old was attacked, pinned to the ground, and bitten in the face by the homeowner’s dog. She received seven sutures under her right eye. Presently, the scar is not readily apparent, and Mr. Landau noted that many children heal exceptionally well from this type of incident if treated immediately, if the scar is addressed in the short “window of opportunity” that exists after such an injury, and if no infection sets in.

The court-approved settlement resulted in funds being deposited with the Clerk of the Court for safekeeping. The settlement is then for the child’s use when she becomes of age. She can then use the money for scar revision (if she wants to undergo this elective procedure), school, or other needs. In many states, the
settlement of a case for someone under 18 years of age requires the approval of the court. This is for the protection of the children we represent.

The team at Abrams Landau, Ltd., has experience helping children, adults, and the elderly who have been injured by canine attacks. We have a history of successfully prosecuted dog-bite cases.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of an animal attack, please contact us so we can be of assistance. Getting the right medical care and immediate
legal representation in these cases is essential. There are time limits for pursuing your rights in every jurisdiction,and prompt investigation in these cases is critical.

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