Versaladder claim – when is “too late” too late ?

A gentleman who suffered a fractured ankle (requiring surgery) when his Versaladder collapsed raised the question of “when is it too late to sue ?” The ladder was purchased approximately ten years ago. Some states have laws that require a lawsuit for injuries caused by a defective product to be brought within so many years for the product’s purchase. This is true even if the product is designed and built to last longer than the legal time limit ! So, in this versaladder case, the injured plaintiff may file his lawsuit within 2 years of his injury (for example, the time limit for such lawsuits in Virginia), but be “too late” because the product was already too old – and beyond the applicable statute of repose that gives manufacturers, sellers and suppliers protection after a certain number of years after the sale. If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product – call ABRAMS LANDAU at once. Failure to pursue a claim within the legal time limits can result in there being no case at all.

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