Unlike Television Show, Dont “Lie to Me”

Believe it or not, there is a television show called “Lie to Me.”  The people on the show try to solve crimes by determining who is lying by looking at facial expressions, nervous ticks, word usage and other clues.  It is an interesting look at one aspect of forensic science.  However, strangers contacting ABRAMS LANDAU are increasingly taking their cue from the title of this TV show.  Unlike most clients, who come recommended by a friend, neighbor, doctor, lawyer or other acquaintance, these callers pretend to know us or be “friends of a friend.”

One recent caller swore to my staff that he went to high school with me and that we were “old friends.”  In fact, he went to a different high school, in a different state and we did not know each other.  There was no need to not tell the truth.  He had a legitimate legal problem, but starting off on an untruthful note sets a bad tone for the case.  When you call the Landau law Shop, please tell the truth, share your questions with the capable staff and understand that injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau may not be able to speak to you the very instant you call (as he is in court frequently, and he teaches and also travels, so that he is not available by phone or e-mail).  Everyone at the Herndon law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. thanks you in advance for your candor, trust and honesty.  We hope that we are able to help you and your family.  If we cannot because the legal matter involves an issue outside our practice areas, we hope that you will let us give you names of lawyers who may better be able to help you near where you live.  Thank you.

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