Settlement enables disabled ABRAMS LANDAU client to start his own business !

There is nothing like sharing good news and making for a happier ending to a story that often has a sad start.  Our clients are permanently injured and disabled when they come to us for legal help.  We cannot turn back the clocks and undo their pain, emotional distress and inconvenience.  However, we can, and do work very hard on their injury and disability cases.  The ABRAMS LANDAU trial team is so proud of the job we do on behalf of our clients, that we invite everybody to see us “in action” in court !

A year ago this client was struck by an asphalt machine, sustaining a broken left leg, broken right arm, right lip laceration, broken ribs, loss of consciousness, pulmonary contusion, right knee and leg abrasions.  We were able to get a compromise settlement of his head and brain injury case despite the fact that most of his injuries had healed and he was able to do many of the activities he could perform pre-injury.  This enterprising traumatic brain injury client had plans for his own business, where, as a supervisor, he would have less “wear and tear” on his body and he would be able to rest and determine his own hours on the job.  Shown here in the ABRAMS LANDAU building’s kitchen are (R-L): Computer and intake specialist Beatrice Vargas, our happy client, Doug Landau and Workers Comp Legal Assistant Dianna Meredith.

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