See us “In Action” this winter

In keeping with our promise to enable injured workers and accident victims to “SEE US IN ACTION,” upcoming trials, cases, races and programs are set forth below. You will not see this from any of the pusillanimous advertising lawyer. In fact, we know of no other plaintiff’s personal injury law firm that has the courage to: (1) Encourage their clients to come to court BEFORE their trial to see their lawyer “in action,” and. (2) Actually publish the calendar of their public appearances, court cases, races and Continuing Legal Education programming. But remember,

Always call the day before you come to see us in action !

Cases set on a court’s schedule can be cancelled (like when the storms struck in September !), continued, postponed, settled, re-scheduled for mediation or arbitration. So, always call our office the day before you want to come and watch to make sure the insurance company has not paid for the losses caused by the negligent defendant or unsafe employer at “the 24th hour.” Your time is valuable. We do not want any client, family member, friend or neighbor to make a wasted trip. Doug Landau has even encouraged people to observe other cases that are not from the Herndon Reston law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., when there is little time before a client’s own Hearing or trial.

Recently, several disabled clients with Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability cases from Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties, Virginia came to see a contested case where the defense relied upon weeks of surveillance videotaping of lawyer Landau’s disabled client. These courageous clients were able to learn many things that will help them focus on their own cases when their turn comes to go to court. All agreed that the experience was invaluable. More than just a “Court house tour,” these meetings with Doug Landau AT THE COURT after an actual trial enable for a “Question and Answer” session while the case is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Doug Landau wishes that all personal injury, workers compensation and Social Security Disability lawyers would encourage their clients to attend hearings and trials well in advance of their own “day in court.” To that end, here are some upcoming dates:

Date       Place   Case, Race &/or Program

12/8/2011  Washington, D.C. Social Security Administration Disability program computer training for claimants’ counsel
Trial Lawyers of Washington, D.C. (“TLA-DC”) Annual Charity Fundraiser, the University Club, N.W.
12/9/2011 Loudoun County Circuit Court, Leesburg, Virginia, monitor Appeal by motorist convicted of attacking cyclists
12/11/2011 Washington, D.C., Freedom Plaza Jingle Bell 8km race, team competition, for Habitat for Humanity
12/15/2011 Fairfax Courthouse, monitor Traffic Court trial for several clients permanently injured in Northern Virginia car crash
1/09/2012 Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, no cost Mediation in Manassas for permanently disabled auto mechanic
1/17/2012 Fairfax, Virginia, Workers Compensation Commission evidentiary Hearing, Prosperity Plaza on Hamaker Court
2/9-15/2012 American Association for Justice, (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America) Winter Convention, Phoenix, AZ
3/30-4/2/2012 Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Annual Convention, The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
4/16/2012 Spotsylvania, Virginia Hearing before senior Deputy Commissioner (RSD or CRPS as a “compensable consequence”)

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