Proving Past Wages and Earnings – Free Federal Form

At the Landau Law Shop, proving wage loss is a component of most car accident  and permanent disability cases.  Showing a judge or jury that our client was and may still be disabled is accomplished though the medical records and testimony of health care providers.  However, proving loss of earnings in a car crash, dog attack, slip and fall or bike accident case usually requires proof as to pre-injury wages.  If an injured car crash victim has switched jobs, been laid off, lost their W-2s, cannot find their tax returns, misplaced their pay stubs, or was paid via “direct deposit,” they may not have the documentary evidence to support claims of wage loss and earnings capacity.

So how does the personal injury trial team at Abrams Landau prove past earnings history for clients without all of the typical documentary evidence mentioned above?

By contacting not the IRS, past employers or bank, but by contacting the Social Security Administration, we are able to get competent, easy to understand evidence as to our clients’ earnings history.  The confidential Federal Government printout as to earnings enables us to show, on one page, our client’s life long work history.  It also does not cost our client anything, and it does not contain sensitive information about the earnings of their spouse, children or other dependents whose economic conditions have nothing to do with the car crash injury case.  Plus, it has the added advantage of being in a format that many of the jurors are used to looking at, and the injured person can testify as to its veracity, without the need for another witness to verify its accuracy or source.  In proving long term disability and wage loss, it is important to have an experienced trial lawyer who actually goes to court regularly help you to prepare.  Oral testimony, combined with documentary evidence supporting proof of your harms and losses, will increase the likelihood of a fair and just result at trial, mediation or arbitration.   If you or someone you know has become disabled as the result of an permanent injury from and accident and needs help please e-mail or call us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. (703-796-9555) at once.

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