Policy Limits Settlement for comp client in car crash.

Landau and the team at ABRAMS LANDAU negotiated the outstanding liens (“IOUs”) of two health insurance companies that had paid the injured client’s medical bills.LiabilityThe client, was stopped on the eastbound Dulles Toll Road, near I 495, a road with no defects, when the vehicle he was driving was struck from the back without warning by the Defendant There was significant property damage to his vehicle, in the amount of $3,845.55. The client’s headrest was tilted forward by the impact, causing him to suffer a severe neck injury. Also his left arm was compressed against the steering wheel. The Defendant driver was charged at the scene with ‘Following Too Closely,” was convicted of this charge and did not appeal. This crash was clearly this lady’s fault.InjuriesFollowing the accident Mr.Landau’s client was seen at Inova Fairfax Hospital Emergency Room. He was seen for the neck and arm injury he sustained. His injuries resulted in the pain in his neck radiating to his upper extremities and numbness in his hands. Despite conservative care (physical therapy and pain medication), the client’s neck did not improve and surgery was required.Special DamagesBoard Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon Thomas Schuler performed operated on Mr. andau’s client’s neck on August 21, 2006. The Head of the Virginia Spine Center (www.SpineMD.com) cut open the left side of his neck and compressed the spinal cord and removed a portion of the bone to allow him to remove the herniated disks. He then decompressed the spinal cord and grafted bone back harvested from the patient’s own body into his spine and attached a plate and screws to hold his spine together. Mr. Landau’s client now has permanent scarring and deficit and continues to have pain and weakness in his neck and upper extremities. He is now at greater risk for future injuries, exacerbation of underlying conditions and arthritic changes.SettlementTaking into consideration the magnitude of the losses caused by the Defendant’s negligence, the permanency of his long-time client’s injuries and scarring, pain and suffering that he will endure and suffer in the future (his life expectancy under Virginia code 8.01-419), Mr. Landau was able to settle the case for the full insurance policy limits of $100,000. Had Mr. Landau‘s client had additional UNDER-insured motorist coverage, evidence tends to suggest the case would have settled (or received a jury verdict) for significantly more money damages.Please review your and your family’s car insurance policy(s) in order to make sure you have enough coverage. Call ABRAMS LANDAU today if you have questions about your insurance and rights under the law.

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