“On Foot” Legal Delivery: Best Way to Deliver Workers Comp Settlement Papers

The best Herndon VIrginia lawyers take special care when hand delivering important legal papers, such as workers compensation settlements
Herndon Virginia lawyer Doug Landau takes special care when hand delivering important legal papers, like workers compensation settlements, even if he does not dress like a fancy attorney !

There are bike messengers, motorcycle delivery and courier car services, but Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau took “hand carried” to a new level this week. Anxious to finalize a workers compensation settlement for a client, lawyer Landau drove to Washington, D.C. to hand deliver the paperwork to insurance defense counsel after the injured worker had read and signed the documents at the Landau Law Shop in Herndon, Virginia. Landau had his daughter wait in the car while he ran up to opposing counsel’s office. When he was stopped at the reception desk, and asked his business, Landau replied, “On Foot Legal Delivery – At Your Service !” The receptionist told the Triathlon Trial Lawyer that opposing counsel was not dressed formally, and Landau responded that neither was he !

The papers got signed and filed that same day with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission for a young woman who was injured at Dulles Airport. Landau then ran down to the car, and he and his youngest daughter then ran in the Monthly “Tidal Basin Run”, which is now held out on Hains Point, and is actually 3 races – a 3km. (about 2 miles), a 1,500M and a 5 km. (3.1 miles). The Landaus ran in the 2 mile race (his daughter was 2nd woman, while her dad was 4th male), showered, and then this active attorney then went on to his other appointments. Some of the best lawyers in the country tease Landau and tell him he gives new meaning to “walking the walk” ! The thankful client wrote:

This note is to extend my deepest gratitude to you both and thank you for everything you’ve done for me thus far. Mr. Landau I can’t thank you enough for rushing my settlement papers over to DC the other day.

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