No Snail Mail, Your Case Will Fail

Why is it important to include a real address for your case?

Having a valid address is crucial for the accurate delivery of legal notices, court summonses, and other official documents during legal proceedings. Without a current address, it may be challenging for the court and opposing parties to reach you and ensure that you are informed about the legal actions taken against you. Getting timely notice is critical to the fair administration of justice. In fact, Doug Landau taught his Rachel Carson Middle School, civics, and Constitutional Law students that at the very core of the US Constitution, was “notice & an opportunity be heard. ”

Just as if you want first responders, rescue personnel, and police to get to the right address. if you are in an emergency situation, having a correct physical address for the receipt of court documents, correspondence from your own counsel, and checks, requires a valid physical address.

If you are disabled, involved in any official or administrative action, as a result of a workplace accident, or a car, crash, dog, attack, etc., with a hearing or a decision from a government agency, you must provide a physical address. This is necessary so that you can receive notifications about any developments and have the opportunity to respond and participate in the process.

When hiring an attorney to represent you in your case, a valid address is needed so then they can send over any documents and letters by mail that are necessary to further your claim. It is crucial to uphold transparency and adhere to procedural requirements. It is essential to have a valid address to send and receive settlement agreements, payment details, and other relevant information.

The Virginia Code § 8.01-313 inscribes the law for providing a real address. In fact, the Virginia Workers Compensation Act has a specific section that allows insurance companies, third-party administrators, and employers to cut off benefits to disabled workers.

In the event of a vehicle collision, it is required to send a real address as found in Virginia Code § 46.2-208(B)(17):

“Upon the request of an attorney representing a person involved in a motor vehicle crash, the Commissioner shall provide the vehicle information for any vehicle involved in the crash and the name and address of the owner of any such vehicle.”

Virginia Code § 65.2-711 “reporting of address change my employee; suspension of payment and benefits” is very specific, and can cause real problems for a client with no fixed address, housing insecurity, and homelessness issues. The statute states:

So long as an employee is entitled to payment of compensation under this title, such employee shall have a duty to disclose to the Commission his current residential address and to report any changes of address as they may occur. The failure to disclose or report such address or changes of address without reasonable justification may result in the suspension of compensation payments until the employee complies with this duty. When the Commission is properly notified of the change in the employee’s address, the Commission shall notify the employer when the employer is self-insured, or the employer’s insurer in all other cases.

When the Team at Abrams Landau plans on sending documents and information through the mail, we have to use the information provided by the client or their family members. If they provided an invalid address, this prohibits the Team from sending the information in a timely manner. When clients move in with family members, and/or friends, due to economic necessity, they, nevertheless have to give a good address to counsel. We do have clients who give PO boxes and private drop-box information, but ultimately, a physical address is required for proper case handling. Certainly, no client wants a large settlement. Check sent to the wrong address, or delayed because of incomplete mailing information.

If you, or someone you know, have any further questions on why it is necessary to have a real address for your injury or worker’s compensation case please, or have inquiries that require legal assistance, please contact us at 703–796–9055 or email