More “Tort Deform” will Ruin Virginia’s Courts and Deny Justice for All

been consistently rated among the top states to do business in partly because of our justice system – they want more.

Once again, we are going go see bills on summary judgment, restricting nonsuits, venue, changing Virginia’s laws regarding premises liability, and requiring lawsuits to be filed within 90 days of filing.  All of these are special interest solutions in search of problems. Bills have already been filed to give prosecutors a veto of sentencing decisions in juvenile cases, to limit judicial discretion in the sentencing, to impose more mandatory minimum sentences, and to chisel the kind of “Stand Your Ground” laws that have turned fistfights into gun fights into the Code of Virginia.  Exactly the kinds of things that the rest of the country and the world have been repealing.

Budget cuts have decimated our judiciary.  Northern Virginia’s judges are actively talking about merging dockets and ending the practice of trying cases within one year because we simply don’t have the judges. As an attorney who helps train new Virginia judges, I have seen in other states how, “justice delayed is justice denied.” Lawyers who actually go to court and try cases for individuals know that these measures will not make our system better. None of these measures have anything to do with improving our economy and attracting more jobs to Virginia. To support my friend and Virginia State Delegate Scott Surovell, click here

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