Modern Fashion Takes on The Fashionista Cicylist

Between gas prices being too high, cities funding bicycle lanes, and finding time to exercise; commuting via bicycle is looking better everyday.  Unfortunately for the fashionistas out there something which looks good doesn’t always “look”.  Many would-be cyclist are shying away from the idea because of hat-hair concerns or helmets clashing with outfits.  Now they can have another option which would give them the best of both “looks”.  Hövding, a Swedish company, has created a airbag helmet which is wore in a stylish collar.  The collar can detect an accident and will deploy a helmet shaped airbag.  The sensors are also smart enough to know the difference between a crash and everyday movement.  Though the most important feature is the removable shell which can come in an endless array of colors and patterns to match any outfit.  To check out the Hövding is action check out this test video.

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