Looking for information on disbarred Loudoun County Virginia lawyer, David Young of Leesburg’s Ault and Young

the case from being dismissed, and eventually settled with the insurance company. However, because of the Leesburg injury lawyer’s failure to act in a timely fashion, the costs to the case were unnecessarily increased, records had to be re-requested and the injured victim was forced to wait a lot longer for a conclusion, losing the time value of the money and enduring needless emotional distress.

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In a very rare move, the ABRAMS LANDAU law firm is now pursuing a claim on behalf of the cyclist against the former lawyer. It turns out the former lawyer had lost his license to practice law. However, he had not notified his client of that critical fact. The former lawyer also failed to turn over the file right away. In fact, he has never turned it over or returned to the client his original file, papers and exhibits. This is a very serious error, as the Ethics Rules mandate that a lawyer turn over the client when a change in counsel is requested and that the former lawyer may not do anything that may prejudice or delay the client’s case. The lawyer in question never had the courage or good sense to just return Doug Landau’s calls when the cyclist first started calling. Mr. Young is now hiding behind bankruptcy protection to stall the cyclist’s claims against the lawyer and his law firm’s professional liability insurance. Mr. Young’s partner Mr. Spencer Ault has also lost his license to practice law in Virginia and the law firm no longer exists, though both men have been seen in and around Leesburg. If you are aware of other litigation involving these former Leesburg lawyers or have information that can help this injured victim, please e-mail us or call us at once at 703-796-9555. Lawyers who take cases they cannot handle, especially personal injury cases, often cause double harm needlessly.



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    According to Virginia Lawyers Weekly, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board has suspended the license of a Leesburg lawyer for five years because he continued to practice law and accepted a fee without providing services after his license had been suspended administratively. The action against David Redd Young Jr. came at an expedited hearing on May 20, 2011. For full story, see


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