Leg broke ? Herndon Injury and Disability lawyer Doug Landau suggests: make the most of the time.

One of the questions I regularly is asked is, “What do I do while my case is pending and my doctor has me off work ?”

DSCF3570.JPGFirst, concentrate your efforts on getting well. Second, once you catch your breath after a crash or other major injury, think about what you CAN do during this time away from your job. We have had clients get their GEDs (high school equivalency exam), community college classes, electronics and computer training. Because, no matter how good your lawyer is, they can NEVER get you back the time you have missed. So, at ABRAMS LANDAU we encourage EVERY client to work hard, while they are out of work. That is why we provide clients with information about state, local and federal agencies that can help with education, (re-)training and placement. That way, when the client is released to light duty or part time work, they can “hit the ground running.” Looking at what kinds of work can be done after an injury should be made a priority after the condition is stabilized. So, instead of sitting on one’s rump, use the time to look around, and “get the jump !”

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