Lawyers’ Top Ten Law Practice/Client Service Problems and How to Solve Them, part 6 – Lawyer Stress

The last item on the VIRGINIA CLE’s list of the top 1o Law Practice and Client Problems was stress.  Anyone who has been to our friendly, not fancy, “Law Shop” in the Historic District of Herndon knows that we try to protect our clients and their families from unnecessary stress, expense and delay.  The last item on the list, and my own personal solution, follows:

•10. Managing the stress of a high-pressure legal practice

We all have interests outside of the office.  My family is foremost.  We are close, keep in touch, and get together for just about any event, especially if there’s food !  I also “let off steam” by participating in sports.  For some of my athletic interests and accomplishments, visit

DKWL_Griskus_bike2.jpgAll too often I try cases against lawyers for the insurance companies who appear stressed out, tired, overworked, addled or sleep-deprived.  Even defense lawyers from the so-called “silk stocking” or “tall building law firms” who get paid fat salaries often look soft and out of shape, bored and uninspired by their work.  It is rare that I will come face-to-face with an opposing lawyer who takes care of his or her mental and physical health to the extent I do.  Some insurance defense counsel look downright awful.

At my last Hearing, my client and other onlookers noted that my opponent was shaking, disorganized and looked scared.  On the other hand, the people who watched this injury trial noted my courage, preparation, smooth computer usage and transparency.  My 30+ year streak of racing and winning awards at and outside of the National Trial Lawyers conventions while attending, teaching and networking speaks for itself.  The best trial lawyers must have self-confidence and a taste for winning.  Winning cases and winning races has honed my abilities and resulted in a winning record for ABRAMS LANDAU clients around the world.

Anyone who knows me understands that I firmly believe in the “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” philosophy.  You may see some lawyers dealing with their stress by drinking, smoking, taking drugs or other less than commendable behaviors.  However, you will likely see me trying to win a running race, biathlon, triathlon, aquathlon, tennis match, ping pong tournament or volunteering at some other charitable event.  I try to channel any stress or high pressure from the Landau Law Shop into my racing.  With a gold medal, All American honors, World Championship qualifications, Virginia Triathlon Series blue ribbons and individual overall and masters victories, this strategy seems to work for me !

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