Lawsuits from Football Deaths Prove Lengthy for Athletes’ Families

While the Virginia Court system is one of the fastest in the country, and our local Federal Court has the nickname “The Rocket Docket” because of its speed, other courts and cases can take many years to resolve. The recent death of a University of Central Florida football player could lead to a lengthy legal battle. As the player is deceased, the family can try to pursue what is called a “wrongful death” case. In this instance, the parents of the player may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the school. An 8/17/2008 Orlando Sentinel article by Iliana Limón noted that, “lawsuits stemming from similar practice-related deaths have taken years to resolve and the families of some victims are still awaiting closure. Sovereign immunity statutes and university politics and make-up can present significant legal obstacles to lawsuits involving athletic-related deaths.” The Sentinel article noted out that in another football practice related death, the cases had taken 7 years and was still being fought by the dead player’s family.

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