Landau a Winner at Elite Lawyers Meeting

“If I learn just one thing at a seminar or Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) program that helps me with a difficult case or two, then my investment in tuition, airfare and hotel are worth it,” often notes Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau. Recently, lawyer Landau was invited to an elite gathering of lawyers by the Atlanta, Georgia based company Crisp Video Group.

Crisp has assisted the Abrams Landau law firm with their educational videos on their various websites. ABRAMS LANDAU will be working with the enthusiastic Crisp team in the future to produce more videos for the practice areas in airport injury, car crash, workers’ compensation and sports injury law. “In our original video, I wanted Crisp’s professionals to show that Herndon, Virginia was not in the middle of nowhere, but only 25 miles outside of Washington, D.C. and next to Dulles International Airport. We wanted an introduction, similar to that in the movie “Forrest Gump,” to show our friendly town and our welcoming office buildings. We got lots of compliments regarding the video, as well as the professionally produced appearances by actual clients explaining how we assisted in their difficult cases.”

Winning an Apple MacBook Pro at the end of the CRISP Elite legal training program was the icing on the cake for lucky lawyer Doug Landau

Landau had previously attended a Crisp convention in Atlanta, Georgia, prior to the COVID pandemic. He got value out of some of the speakers, and traded strategies with lawyers attending from all over the United States of America. When he was invited to this elite program, Landau dove in, taking copious notes in order to improve his law firm for the benefit of his injured and disabled clients.

In addition to the educational component of this elite seminar, there were raffles during the day to make sure the lawyers were paying attention! Prizes like Apple Airpods, iPads, and even a Rolls-Royce were in the offering. Landau specifically told the Crisp team that he was not interested in winning a Rolls-Royce. They couldn’t believe it. However, Landau explained he was not one to be a “showy lawyer” and in fact, before he passed his first bar exam, he had destroyed two very expensive Rolls Royce Silver Spur cars!!! Therefore, this anything but ostentatious Herndon lawyer asked not to be included in the Rolls-Royce raffle.

However, channeling some of the amazing luck his late father, Norman J. Landau had throughout his life, Doug Landau was the big prize winner at the end of the day, winning an Apple MacBook Pro computer. Hall of Fame trial lawyer Norman Landau had, at various golf tournaments, won such things as: a Louis Vuitton luggage set, a fox fur coat, a Mercedes Benz sedan, and other prizes, in addition to hitting a number of holes in one, including two on his son Douglas’ birthday on the Fourth of July. Now that is luck!

The raffle prize computer was sent to Landau while he is convalescing up in Connecticut for the month, after a bad bike crash ended his reconstituted season abruptly. Doug was especially appreciative, as this prize would be put to good use. It is certainly more valuable than any swag or podium medals he would have won in multi-sport racing in Maryland or New York this fall. While Landau looks ahead as to how he can focus his limited athletic training this winter in light of his injuries and COVID, using the materials from the Crisp Elite program, he also intends to improve the plans for the ABRAMS LANDAU law team so that the Law Shop can continue to get great results for injured clients all over the world. Doug Landau feels very lucky to have the wonderful team that presently assists him in winning decisions, as well as having the Crisp team on his side. While Landau has won other raffle prizes at national and state law conventions, CLE programs and Sports & Race Expos, this is by far the most valuable and most useful. With thanks to the adroit team at Crisp Video, Landau looks forward to an even more successful 2021.