Jury Awards Damages to Dog Attack Victim

A Missouri judge has ordered several defendants to pay $7.25 million to a man who suffered severe injuries when he was attacked by a group of pit bulls in 2006.   In the ruling, the judge found that the plaintiff was left with complex facial lacerations, extensive lacerations to his upper and lower extremities, and multisystem organ failure from the attack. An additional $300,000 was also awarded to Hill’s wife, as Missouri law allows for “loss of consortium” claims.  Herndon and Reston area trial lawyer Doug Landau points out that Virginia law does not allow for a spouse’s separate claim for this loss of sex, society and services.  However, there are other states that recognize this item of loss.  If you are the victim of an animal attack or have been bitten by a dog, you AND your spouse may have rights under the law of the state where the attack occurred.  Each state also has its own time deadlines that must be strictly followed.  Failure to stay within the time limits can lead to the termination of an otherwise meritorious dog attack case.  Kevin Hoffmann, Kansas City Star, 06/10/2008.    

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