If I don’t drive, does the workers compensation insurance company still pay ?

It does not matter who is behind the wheel, reasonable transportation expenses are reimbursed by the Virginia Workers Compensation Insurance Companies when such travel is in connection with medical care that satisfies the “three Rs” (Reasonable, Related and by Referral).  A call to the Herndon law Firm ABRAMS LANDAU repeated this often heard question.  In order to be reimbursed for trips to the doctor, physical therapist, hospital, radiologist, etc., it does not matter if:

  • Your daughter, son, wife or parents drove you,
  • You took a cab because you could not drive,
  • An old friend gave you a lift in his vintage mustang,
  • You hopped the local bus (or two) and then the Metro,
  • A car service was required because there is no public transit nearby,
  • The Medical services building charges you for parking,
  • There are toll roads along the way to the therapist’s office,

As long as you have the receipts for the taxi, bus, subway, parking, tolls and other travel related expenses.  If you go to a health care provider for treatment, then such expenditures may be covered under your Workers Compensation Award.  For use of your own car (whether or not you were driving, as many ABRAMS LANDAU client cannot drive themselves to their medical appointments because of the severity of their injuries), mapquest or the mileage on the odometer can be summated for payment.  In cases where the injured or disabled worker cannot drive and has no one to take them, cab fare or car service may be reasonable under the circumstances.  In some permanent total disability cases, the insurance companies have paid for car service, limousines and taxi cabs to shuttle our clients to their necessary medical appointments.  Bottom line: keep the receipts and good written records for full reimbursement !

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